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For Eating Disorders

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Do you have rigid rules around food? Are you intensely afraid of gaining weight? Do you compensate for the food you eat with behaviors that aren't good for you, like purging or overexercising? Perhaps you feel out of control with food and eat until you feel uncomfortable in your body. It's possible you are coping with an eating disorder. With the right help, an eating disorder is very treatable.

The best treatment for an eating disorder is a team approach. I require all clients with active eating disorders to also be under the care of a Registered Dietitian (RD). I am happy to give referrals. Sometimes, when there are co-occurring disorders like depression or anxiety, a psychiatrist may become part of the treatment team. In this case, a psychiatrist prescribes and manages medication.

Please take the important first step of reaching out for treatment for disordered eating. You don't have to keep fighting this alone.