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Whether you are a parent who wants more peace with your teenager at home or a teenager who wants your parent(s) to back off (!), I want to help. The teenage years are some of the most challenging--and some of the most exciting--years of our lives.

Some of the unique challenges teenagers face include the quests for:

  • Self discovery
  • Acceptance
  • Autonomy

It can be challenging for parents to negotiate the teen years because the family system is forced to adapt to the new and different needs of an increasingly independent and able individual. Parents are not always ready for this change. Some parents respond by giving their teen too much structure, while others may give their teen too much freedom. A balance between discipline and nurturance is important for a parent-child relationship that is happy and healthy. I can help you achieve this balance.

Teens, I want to help you develop your identity, feel a sense of belonging, and show your parents you are either ready for more freedom or need more help.

Parents, I want to help you understand and connect on a deeper level with your teen so that you may live more harmoniously together.

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